Halfa Kucha Reflection

Halfa Kucha Presentation here

When I began searching for evidence to represent the trauma and healing processes that David Small and Dana experience, I was overwhelmed by the surplus of trauma each character had encountered. For David, I could have selected to discuss how he was abused by his mother, father or grandmother. His mother lacked apathy towards her son, and David caught her sleeping with Mrs. Dillon. His dad prescribed a surplus of medications and X-rays for David, and we find out that the X-rays caused his cancer. His grandmother regularly abused him physically, and attempted to kill one of the only people he felt close with, Papa John. For Dana, I chose between a variety of her experiences getting beaten by her master, attempted rape or other mental abuse. 

I enjoyed building arguments in the form of a presentation rather than an essay because presentations emphasize the logical flow of the argument. When I write an essay, the logical flow is extremely important, but I also have to rely on the quality of my writing to deliver my message effectively. I chose to structure my argument in chronological order because I felt the events were evident enough to speak for themselves. My arguments focused on the effects David and Dana’s experiences had on them and the steps they took to heal. I organized my visuals by including entire scenes to give my audience an accurate and complete idea of the trauma the characters experienced. Still, my analytical process remains constant whether I am presenting or writing an argument. 

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