Tracing Pages Reflection

When I selected these pages to trace, I intended to connect how despite his grandmother being mentally and physically abusive, she still betrayed David because she is his maternal grandmother. I realized that a maternal relative is an imaginary connection if that relative never acts in love or respect towards other family members. As a result, I still enjoyed analyzing the difference in the traumas that are experienced by David Small and Tillie Waldon. David suffered the loss of a troubled grandmother and his step-grandfather nearly died, but the absence of his grandmother in his life is indisputably positive. Despite the debatable intensity of his trauma, there is an undeniable intensity in the scene. David’s mother forbade him from calling his grandmother crazy, but now his grandmother confirmed his allegation. In addition to the contents of the slides, the broken structure of the panels adds an intensity causing the reader to fear the idea of Papa John dying. 

While I think relatively more traumatizing, timing is not the primary concern during Tillie’s situation. Suspense built for the reader due to the unexpectedness of the scene and the unpredictability in her SAT tutor’s actions. I think the most interesting component of this scene is that the frame remains the same during the panels he walks to sit next to her. As soon as she realized what was happening, the consistency in the panel angle makes the reader feel like her entire world froze in fear and discomfort. Positive space is used in the first panel to show the presence of the tutor on the opposite side of the table. The next panel is the same as the last, except negative space is used and the tutor is gone. He’s walking around the table. We see that formerly negative space returns to positive, and the tutor is on her side of the table. The tutor proceeds to harass Tillie until she fends him off and he returns to the other side of the table. I enjoyed analyzing the differences between the situations within Stitches and Spinning and why they required different methods to properly portray the scene. I am intrigued by the methods the authors use to relate the structure of the panels to their intensity and content.

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